Author: Sandie Muncaster

It’s Time for the Truth About Common Cat Myths

Black cat

I`m not sure any other animal on the planet has as many myths swirling around it as our feline friends do. Some of these myths have been around for ages and over time have only gained strength in their validity. However, some of these tall-tales are just plain silly and can be potentially harmful to cats. Let`s explore some of the most common myths that cats have to deal with. Black Cats Are Bad Luck This is my biggest cat-peeve and has been the cause of many black felines being abused and abandoned in the streets and in animal shelters...

Top Tips on Stopping a Cat From Clawing Your Furniture

Cats scratching

They are adorable and fluffy and we want to make them a part of our family, yet when they insist on clawing the furniture, their cuteness can wear thin.  Kittens and cats are known for using their claws, it’s just part of their nature.  However, there are ways we can keep cats happy without turning our sofas and chairs into torn-up messes.  Check out my top tips on stopping a cat from clawing your furniture. Why Cats Scratch Before I go into preventions, lets discuss why cats use their claws – it isn’t to tick you off – clawing for...