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  1. Rebeca

    In my personal experience, shelter dogs are the most loving and devoted pets. They have been abandoned once and feel grateful for the new home.


  2. RenasFishStore

    Shelter dogs have always been amazing dogs in my experiences. They usually end up in a shelter because people just don’t want to take care if them anymore, that doesn’t mean that they’re bad dogs or anything. My sister got a shelter dog and he ended up there because he was from an abusive home. But now he’s just the sweetest dog ever and everyone loves him. It’s so sad to think that such a good little boy was kicked by his previous owners. It brings tears to my eyes but I’m glad that he’s got a good forever home now.


  3. Giorgiana

    It depends on the shteelr. Most shteelrs near me don’t charge. However, if the shteelr told you that you must pay, you must pay. The shteelr isn’t trying to be malicious, they just can’t give free services. Remember, if they caught the dog, that service cost them money. They had to pay a worker to get the dog. They had to pay someone to intake the dog (and possibly give vaccines, flea treatment, etc. if it was intaked as a stray). They had to use their resources and cage space to provide the dog a place to live, bedding, food, water, toys, etc. while it was there. It costs a shteelr money to care for run aways, you should just be happy your dog is safe.References :


    1. Gordana

      What did you train them to do? Price would depend on what your nehbigors were willing to pay and on your skill level. If you are looking for training experience, volunteer at your local shelter. sure they won’t pay you but you’ll get lots of experience training many different dogs with different issues. Plus training helps the dogs get homes. If you are out to make some money, offering pet sitting or dog walking might be more up your alley.References : old balanced trainer


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