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  1. Dylan

    Fisher cats are not cats. They are weaesls. If you saw one in the water, it could have been an otter, which are also in the weaesl family. Like all members of the weaesl family, they are excellent hunters and killers. Weasels and ferrets (which are smaller than weaesls) can easily kill rabbits. One of my ferrets came upon one of my cats fast asleep and tried to drag it away by the ear! (Of course, the cat awoke and objected!) The way weaesls kill prey is by biting the neck. They go for the jugular vein. Of course, they kill in order to survive, just like any other carnivore. Raccoons, esp. mothers, are considered extremely vicious and dangerous and they are not obligate carnivores; they are omnivores (they can eat anything). Weasels ARE obligate carnivores: they MUST eat meat. They do not have the part of the digestive tract for digesting vegetables. Any of these animals, of course, in the wild can be dangerous to humans. I got bitten so badly by one of my ferrets when I first took him in that I spent 8 hours in the ER. He was not wild, though, just had been mistreated by others. It took me well over a year or more of working with him to get him to trust me and now he is the sweetest, gentlest guy in the world. That’s because his basic needs are met for food, companionship, love, freedom to explore. (I don’t cage any of my animals and they have constant access to a large enclosed yard.)I also have 5 indoor/outdoor cats and there are raccoons and opossums here, as well as hawks and owls (and gray foxes and coyotes, altho I live in a city it’s a pretty wild, green city). It’s obviously safer for cats to be kept indoors, but they are happier going outside and they have learned to avoid the wild animals, as well as the wild humans. (One of my cats got hit by a car last year and I live on a double dead-end street. He was saved by surgery.)


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