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  1. Reziey

    Dogs don’t kill babies. The naonhalcnt parents that leave them unattended do. what your dog does is your responsability!! I have two black labs and they are great with kids, they are just playful. Two thumbs down for people who talk bad about black labs! black labs rule!


    1. Abby

      I have a 4 month old black lab and she is the sweetest thing ever and very playful


  2. Abby

    Yeah pitbulls may be the number one misunderstood breed in America, I’ve lived in a family where we raised two adult pitbull and my parents bread them And we raised amazing sweet pit bull puppies, so yes they got playful and were really tough they are puppies all puppies of all breeds act that way but pit bulls let’s be honest are not bread for fighting and do not have a certain jaw that locks they just have a powerful jaw and that’s that. These dogs are an amazing, intelligent breed and yes they need a big yard to have and lots of room to play and run free they are good, loyal dogs who will never leave your side for all of you thoughtful idiots who miss treat pit bulls are terrible. I love pit bulls and they will forever be my favorite breed of dog!!


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