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Our dog Boomer (fixed, female boxer) has been house broken for several months. On Friday, my wife left the house. the children and the dogs with our regular babysitter from 2:15pm-11:30pm. (Longer than we normally leave them) For some odd reason, while we were gone, Boomer peed inside 3 times and also pooped on our bedroom floor. (The babysitter did let her out while she was there.)Boomer had no problems Saturday or Sunday.Then, we just got ready for bed (Monday) and discovered that in the last hour, Boomer had peed in our bed. She had recently been out, and there was no reason that we could think of for her to have done that.I’m at a total loss, and am really irritated. I’ve never had a dog pee in my bed before, and I’m not at all thrilled at the idea. (Expensive dry-clean only down comforters aren’t made to be peed on by dogs.)I could sort of understand Friday, if possibly the baby sitter didn’t let her out as often as she liked, but tonight made no sense at all. What is going on, and most importantly, how to I discourage this behavior as rapidly as possible?

Please help.

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