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Louise L.

Hey guys. I’m having concerns about a Vegas vacation this summer and what I’m going to do with my pup. My chihuahua, Houdini, is my fur child. I’ve never boarded him before. He usually comes along with my husband and I even on airplane rides. It’s never been a problem to travel with him before, but this time I’m concerned that it may be difficult. A Vegas trip is going to be mostly moving between different indoor activities ( I imagine). I could always carry him along the strip, but I’m worried about disturbing our friends with having to go back and forth from the hotel and our activities.

I can barely stomach the thought of leaving my little boy behind. He weighs 4 pounds. He can easily be hurt by other dogs or by being stepped on. He constantly burrows, and if someone isn’t used to that they could end up sitting or stepping on a blanket that he could be buried in. My worst nightmare would be if someone wasn’t careful and if Houdini found a pill on the floor and ate it. One tab of Tylenol would be the end of him. Because of his small size, it wouldn’t take much chocolate to do him in either. 🙁

Once we did leave him at a type of doggie daycare/boarding facility for a couple hours. We were so nervous, but dealt with it for a few hours. As it had turned out, Houdini never even made it back to the kennels. The front desk loved him so much, they kept him in a blanket on the floor next to them. He’s very sweet and cuddly for a chihuahua, but he gets scared of other dogs.

Is it better to try and bring him to Vegas, arrange the vacation around going back and forth to the hotel, but knowing he is with us? Or is it better to leave him at a kennel, where he will just burrow all day and might get snuggles from kennel staff a few times a day?

Any advice is appreciated!


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