Dog breeds / Basset Hound


Other names Basset, Hush Puppy, Big Nose, Long Ears
Coat Smooth, short and close
Colors Generally black, white and tan (tri-colour) or tan/lemon and white (bi-colour); but any recognized hound colour acceptable.

Basset hounds have a long body based upon short legs which can provide cover in the countryside. Its coat is tight and sticks to its body, making it less vulnerable to briars, thistles, and low brush. This breed will move with its nose to the ground and does so in a powerful, purposeful manner.

Basset Hounds are a very good-natured breed and laid back in nature. Bassets get along well with pets and children, though caution must be exerted with kids to avoid strain on their back. Being a determined track dog, they love to sniff and investigate slowly, and they are not easily swayed from their course. The breed is also known for being stubborn and slow moving at times, along with a loud, distinct bay that they use when on the trail.

While they are not very protective, basset hounds are very easy to train and friendly while providing the ability to be an effective watchdog. To stay fit they must maintain an appropriate level of exercise, as their original function was for the purpose of tracking and trailing for rabbits and other animals. Largely used in hunting, this breed can make a great hunting companion or a lifelong pet.

Stats & Characteristics

Country of origin Great Britain, France
Height male <14″
Height female <14″
Weight male 40-60 lbs
Weight female 40-60 lbs
Popularity rank ? 40
Intelligence ?
Intelligence rank ? 71
Shedding ?
Grooming Low maintenance
Energy level Low energy
Exercise Needs Low
Playfulness Not very playful
Affection level Moderately affectionate
Watchdog High
Protection ability Not very protective
Good with dogs Friendly
Cold tolerance Medium tolerance
Heat tolerance Medium tolerance
Life span 8 – 12 years

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