Dog breeds / French Bulldog


Other names Frenchie
Coat Short, smooth, shiny, and fine
Colors Fawn, cream, various shades of brindle

The French Bulldog is a nice, easy to care for a companion who is active, alert, and affectionate. The breed gets very enthusiastic and lively, without making too much noise. They are often curious, sweet, and very often comedic. The bulldog has a very funny personality and loves to clown around. It’s an easygoing breed of dog, and it gets along great with strangers and other animals, mainly other dogs.

However, some Frenchies who are allowed to believe they are alpha dogs may be somewhat aggressive. They need leadership, and will not be as active or obedient without it. It simply cannot be owned and ignored. If the Bulldog senses its owner is weak, it will become stubborn or snappy. They can be trained fairly easily. Proper human to dog communication is essential in training these dogs.

Unlike a lot of dogs, Frenchies cannot swim. It is recommended to keep them away from bodies of water. The French Bulldog has a tendency to overheat, so keep an eye on them in hot weather. They often drool and slobber, but are otherwise very clean. They are excellent at hunting mice. Since they are somewhat small, they can sometimes develop small dog syndrome, so ensure they know their place in the family.

Stats & Characteristics

Country of origin England
Height male 11-12″
Height female 11-12″
Weight male Under 28 lbs
Weight female Under 28 lbs
Popularity rank ? 4
Intelligence ?
Intelligence rank ? 58
Shedding ?
Grooming Low maintenance
Energy level Medium energy
Exercise Needs Medium
Playfulness Very playful
Affection level Very affectionate
Watchdog High
Protection ability Moderately protective
Good with dogs Friendly
Cold tolerance Low tolerance
Heat tolerance Low tolerance
Life span 11-14 years

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