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Other names Boar Hounds, Kammerhunde (Chamber Dogs), Alano (In Italy), Danish Mastiffs (in Denmark), Deutsche Dogge (German Dog),
Coat Smooth and short
Colors Fawn, Brindle, Blue, Black, Harlequin, Mantle

Great Danes are among the tallest dog breeds. In sharp contrast to their massive size, Great Danes are friendly in behavior and easily get adjusted to varying environments. The shorthaired breed does not show signs of aggressiveness like many other taller breeds but can behave differently towards strangers and new surroundings.

The “gentle giant” also sports a powerful and smoothly muscled body. Floppy and triangular ears add to the elegance of Great Danes, and the much-celebrated breed comes in as many as six coat colors: yellow gold, fawn and black, pure steel blue, glossy black, pure white with black patches, and black and white. 

Since Great Danes grow at a rapid pace compared to other breeds, they require early training. Not keen to hunt, Great Danes get on well with other dogs as well as non-canine pets. To maintain a perfect body balance, the huge Great Dane needs daily walks. However, Great Danes are not to be over-strained, as that can result in health disorders, including joint and bone problems.

Despite their huge size, the Great Dane is a big fan of sitting in their owner’s lap or leaning up against them. This has earned them the reputation as the world’s largest lapdogs.

Stats & Characteristics

Country of origin Germany
Height male 30-34″
Height female 28-32″
Weight male 120-200 lbs
Weight female 100-130 lbs
Popularity rank ? 14
Intelligence ?
Intelligence rank ? 48
Shedding ?
Grooming Low maintenance
Energy level High energy
Exercise Needs High
Playfulness Very playful
Affection level Very affectionate
Watchdog Low
Protection ability Moderately protective
Good with dogs Very friendly
Cold tolerance Medium tolerance
Heat tolerance Medium tolerance
Life span 7-10 years

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