Dog breeds / Newfoundland


Other names Newfie
Coat The outer coat is coarse and long, and the undercoat is soft and dense
Colors Solid black, brown, gray or Landseer, a white coat with black markings

Also known as ‘the gentle giant,’ the Newfoundland was originally bred as a working dog. They are known for their patience and sweet temperament, which makes them great for children if they are trained properly. Without the proper training, this huge dog can get to be a problem.

They are also known for their intelligence, tremendous strength, and loyalty. They can be pretty protective of their loved ones. They are also great with other animals. Even though they are very big dogs, they don’t require a lot of room to live in. They can be happy in an apartment as long as they get their daily walk and an occasional swim and frolic.

Newfoundlands can suffer from genetic health problems, notably joint dysplasia, stones in the bladder, and heart problems.

They stay pretty calm and inactive indoors, and will generally lounge around with their master. Newfoundland’s prefer cold weather and don’t do well in warm climates due to their thick coat. This thick coat also needs a weekly grooming and they would enjoy a daily brush to keep their coat nice and shiny. For people who prefer big dogs, the Newfoundland is a great choice – as long as they get the proper training at a young age. Otherwise, their enormous size could get to be a problem.

Stats & Characteristics

Country of origin Canada
Height male 28″
Height female 26″
Weight male 130-150 lbs
Weight female 100-120 lbs
Popularity rank ? 36
Intelligence ?
Intelligence rank ? 34
Shedding ?
Grooming Moderate maintenance
Energy level Medium energy
Exercise Needs Medium
Playfulness Moderately playful
Affection level Very affectionate
Watchdog Medium
Protection ability Very protective
Good with dogs Friendly
Cold tolerance Medium tolerance
Heat tolerance Medium tolerance
Life span 8-10 years

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