Dog breeds / Rottweiler


Other names Rottie or Rott
Coat Short double coat that's straight and coarse
Colors Black with markings that are rust to mahogany

The Rottweiler is a breed well known for its protective and domineering nature. It has often been used as a guard dog and for other such important roles. It has a stocky and muscular build. The Rottweiler breed has also been used to herd cattle in the past. In addition to its strong musculature, it is also capable of long bouts of endurance running.

The Rottweiler breed originated in Germany, but its popularity as a guard dog made it quickly spread around the world. The coat of the dog is distinctive since it has a coarse black set of fur. This allows people to readily identify the appearance of a Rottweiler dog. 

Any owner that takes care of a Rottweiler will want to socialize it early on in its life. It will need to interact with other dogs and potential family members. The breed can be somewhat stubborn, but this can be curbed with proper training. It is a loyal breed of dog as well, which is an appealing trait to many owners out there. The dog is also very active, so owners need to make sure that it is getting a consistent amount of attention.

Despite media portrayal as an aggressive dog, Rottweilers are of average aggressiveness, but they are wary of strangers.

Stats & Characteristics

Country of origin Germany
Height male 24-27″
Height female 22-25″
Weight male 95-130 lbs
Weight female 85-115 lbs
Popularity rank ? 8
Intelligence ?
Intelligence rank ? 9
Shedding ?
Grooming Low maintenance
Energy level Medium energy
Exercise Needs Medium
Playfulness Very playful
Affection level Very affectionate
Watchdog High
Protection ability Very protective
Good with dogs Friendly
Cold tolerance Medium tolerance
Heat tolerance Medium tolerance
Life span 8-11 years

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