Dog breeds / Pembroke Welsh Corgi


Other names Pembroke, PWC, Pem
Coat Thick undercoat and a longer topcoat
Colors Red, sable, black, tri-colored, or fawn, usually with white markings

Many dog owners have fallen in love with the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed, including, famously, the Queen of England. This is owing in part to its stocky size and frame. The dog breed was originally developed to help herd cattle by nipping at their heels out in the field. It is closely related to the Cardigan Welsh Corgi but does have a few structural differences. It has a shorter overall build, along with a smaller weight. This makes it ideal for owners who want to keep it in a smaller sized dwelling. It has a medium coat size, which acts as a weather resistant layer. 

There are a few unique characteristics that this dog tends to exemplify. This breed is well known for being intelligent and can be trained quite easily. It is very energetic, so owners will need to find a way to offer exercise often. This dog will bond easily with many family members, but they should be aware of its high activity level. Families should start early during the training process since this can help them curb any excited behavior. This can also help the Pembroke Welsh Corgi get adjusted to living in a new home environment.

Stats & Characteristics

Country of origin Wales
Height male 10-12″
Height female 10-12″
Weight male No more than 30 lbs
Weight female No more than 30 lbs
Popularity rank ? 15
Intelligence ?
Intelligence rank ? 11
Shedding ?
Grooming Moderate maintenance
Energy level Medium energy
Exercise Needs Medium
Playfulness Moderately playful
Affection level Very affectionate
Watchdog Medium
Protection ability Moderately protective
Good with dogs Friendly
Cold tolerance Medium tolerance
Heat tolerance Medium tolerance
Life span 12 - 14 years

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