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  1. Terane

    There are a few ways of looking at it, but my pesaonrl opinion is that homeless people have every right to own a pet. In some cases, the person may not have been homeless when they adopted the pet. They may have been evicted from their house or apartment and instead of leaving the dog, decided to bring it with them. As long as they are willing and able to keep the dog well nourished and healthy, I don’t see any problem with it. A lot of people put their pets’ needs before their own.Besides, often times homeless people do not have family and friends to fall back on. When that is your life, sometimes all you need is a friend, and a dog can be that.Dogs are hardy animals and I don’t think they really care whether they’re sleeping on carpet or grass as long as they get the love and attention they need.


    1. Selma

      – Thanks for stopping by Doris. I’m happy to reprot the little orange kitty is improving. He’s still small (under 2 lbs) but is gradually gaining weight and hasn’t been vomiting. The staff at the clinic has been taking great care of him. I remember when Hoppy was having his challenges. It’s amazing how resilient these little critters can be! Enjoy the cooler NC mountain weather! We’re firmly in the grip of the Florida summer heat and humidity.June 9, 2010 9:49 am


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