‘What the Fluff’ Challenge

Pet owners across the world have been pranking their pets with a viral challenge called ‘What the Fluff’.  The rules are simple: All you need is your dog or cat, and a blanket. As your pet looks on, hold a blankie in front of it and then quickly run away as the blanket drops and then FLUFF! From the unsuspecting pets’ point of view, it looks as if their owner disappeared leaving it confused as heck. 

Pack Your Trunk, We’re Going to the Beach!

baby elephant

You expect to see a certain amount of wildlife when you go to the beach. Seagulls, of course. Crabs, fish, the occasional shark, and…elephants? No, you don’t usually find a lot of elephants at the beach, but if you were lucky enough to catch such a sight, especially this baby elephant, then you would have a glimpse of pure joy! Watching this little guy’s first day at the beach is just like watching any other kid who just discovered fun and sun at the shore. He’s in his own glorious world as he lets the waves toss him about, rolling...

Did Animal Planet Mistreat Its Stars to Fake Reality Drama?

Animal Planet TV animal mistreat

Behind the Scenes at Animal Planet: Drugs, Death and Neglect. James West’s reporting reveals “numerous cases of alleged animal mistreatment” and “evidence of a production culture that tolerated legally and ethically dubious activities, including using an animal that had been drugged with sedatives, directing trappers to procure wild animals to be ‘caught’ again as part of a script, and wrongly filling out legal documents detailing the crew’s wildlife activities for Kentucky officials.”   Read the full story here

Wrestling A Grizzly Bear In My Garden

Grizzly Bear as a pet

A remarkable friendship between a man and a grizzly bear. Bear trainer Doug Seus and his wife Lynne have shared their ranch in Utah with 3 bears for the last forty years. They were the trainers of famous Bart the bear that has starred in films like “The Great Outdoors”, “On Deadly Ground” and “The Edge”. Doug and Lynne Seus started the Vital Ground Foundation in honor of Bart, who was the organization’s 1st ambassador. The organization was begun to set up lands to preserve the great grizzlies and other wildlife. Source: